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The Australian Taxi Drivers Association


TDA Inc is a Registered Association, 1500907, formed in NSW,with the primary objective of restoring the Taxi Industry to being the primary Point to Point supplier of Public Passenger Services.

To all Taxi Drivers - Fast Forward - March 2018

The Future of the Taxi Industry – ? Is there an Answer ?

Do we have a future, now that an unlimited number of Private Hire Vehicles have been allowed by Governments to take over our business .. ?

Maybe, in NSW, if the new NSW Regulations get enforced, then Taxis are still in Business. If the Government makes Regulations and the proceeds to do nothing, we are stuffed.

By now you are all aware that no one is on our side. Governments around Australia have already legalised UBER , and accept minimal annual fees, or even no fees, plus very light rules on Registration and Insurance to leave you with only Rank and Hail Work, and with instant bookings our work and income will drop even more. Uber is legal. We have already lost half of our work How many extra hours can you safely drive ?

Already the average hourly earnings are less than $10.00 an hour.

Already you are driving 60 hours a week

Can your family survive on $300 a week ??? $5.00 an hour ???

Michael Jools 0419 27 27 44

TDA Inc www.tda.net.au

Working in unity for the Industry